"Snaps and crackles like James Brown's Famous Flames mixed with a New Orleans second line."

George Harris (www.jazzweekly.com)

Here’s a band that has a concept that is so simple, it’s simply radical! Bay area altoist Larry De La Cruz, baritonist Jim Peterson and drummer Jeremy Steinkoler have put together a formidable and funky trio that snaps and crackles like James Brown’s Famous Flames mixed with a New Orleans Second Line. Peterson’s rich molasses riffs mix with Steinkoler’s incessant beat while De La Cruz solos like Maceo Parker on infectious tunes like “Wiggle” and “Say What”. Together, the two saxists can form either a deep Memphis soul groove (“Kattywampus”), or simply take turns soloing over their partners riffs (“Sling Shot”). Dirty Dozen sousaphonist Kirk Joseph adds some Richter scale producing sub tones on a funereal-turned-celebratory “Rock Of Ages” and a delightfully melancholy “Crescent.” Tenorist Dann Zinn solos over a rivuleted groove on a wildly successful reading of Led Zeppelin’s “Fool In The Rain” while the horn players create a yearning and silky sound on clarinets on the closing “Bee”. This one is a catch! It’ll get you excited about music again!

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